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About Us

The Mission of Vital Insurance Group is to optimize our success by building long term relationships with our clients, staff, and business partners. We are committed to providing our clients with a selection of quality, innovative and unique products and services at fair and reasonable prices with a superior level of professional customer service.


Our Primary Objectives are:

To be honest and fair in all our dealings
To be interested in people and their problems
To treat the client's needs as if they were our

Our Gallery :

vital insurance group
- Our core values work for you, not just for us.

- Vital Insurance Group is committed to providing service in a prompt, friendly and knowledgeable manner. We will recommend products and services that are in the best interest of our customers, recognizing that if we take care of our customers, they will take care of us. This means we never sell a product because of how it benefits us, but rather, to meet the needs of the customer.

- Vital Insurance Group began as a family business, and we recognize that a positive family life results in productive employees. We want our employees to have a healthy balance between the time spent at work and the time spent with family.

- We have been created to glorify God by being good stewards of what has been entrusted to us. We want to have a positive influence on each person who has contact with Vital Insurance Group. We believe Biblical principals should guide all of our actions.

- Vital Insurance Group recognizes that we are stronger as a unit than we are as individuals. We value selflessness. When we look for ways to make our peers better, we better ourselves in the process. We will provide our employees with an energetic, team-oriented environment with opportunities for personal growth. "It is amazing what can be accomplished when nobody cares about who gets the credit." Robert Yates

- Vital Insurance Group values hard work. Each employee will strive to work efficiently and with a high level of enthusiasm. Everyone should desire to continually improve their skills and knowledge. This performance creates a positive work environment that is enjoyable to be a part of. We are committed to hiring people of character and teaching them the skills they need to succeed.

- We will conduct ourselves with the highest level of personal and corporate integrity. We will be honest in all situations: with our employees, with our carriers, and with our customers. Our actions should be such that we would not be ashamed to have a report of that action in the newspaper for all to see.

- As a profitable company, Vital Insurance Group has the stability and means to provide quality jobs, salaries, benefits, and opportunities to our employees. Profitability allows us to reinvest in our organization and our community and to capitalize on growth opportunities.

Contact Us : Vital Insurance Group | 9301 South West Freeway Suite 250 | Houston TX, 77074 | Tel: (832) 200-0491 | Fax: (832) 200-0492 | Email: kamals@vitalig.com